Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Vintage Scout Racer pic

Cant remember where I copied and pasted this from!!


  1. This is my opinion only,no offence, take it or leave. Reading a breadtext is kind of strange, a less interesting mass of text and Im not saying your is but in a fast reading mode where one is searching for the interesting passages it is harder to read for any length (or more correct easier to quit) if its written in an unfamiliar font or quirky colour. The font your using here have a nice colour and is good for headlines but gets old in a textmass quite fast. Even in a blog like this with short underlines, I tend to browse further with a text that is easy to read. I havent found any font that is as easy to read as Times, boring might be, but better. If you got this far, it wasnt because it was interesting if you see what I mean...:-)

  2. Thanks for the feedback Charlie, think I might change back. Just trying stuff out ;-)