Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Naming the beastie

Its a bit of a tradition to name Indian specials with a suitable Indian name. In amongst my friends' and the bikes that I know of we have a Geronimo, a Cochise, a 2face, theres a Running Bare, Blue Smoke. Iknow of at least 3 Pochahontases (should that be Pochahonti???)
I've held off from naming the Stroker Scout until now, mainly because until it was running i thought that would be a  bit premature. I wanted a name that was a bit of a cross over between the native American tradition and also something that reflected the place where the SS was conceived - Achnasheen (from the gaelic achadh na sine Field of Rainstorms) So I was looking for the Souix  word for rain when i foud this fella - Ité Omáǧažu Chief Rain in the Face of the Hunkpapa Souix, he fought against Custer at the Little Big Horn

can't think of a better name for an Indian motocycle running around Strathbran with no front guard!

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