Sunday, 17 March 2013

Latest from Performance Indian

" I just finished a motor for Matt Blake last night. It is a 648 "Big Base" 58" Stroker. It has all the best stuff in it. I used S&S 58" wheels, and Carrillo rods. I had light Arias "Tall Dome" pistons made with .180" pop-up. It has Enfield Racing's reproduction cylinders, that I ported. It has my racing lifters, and hi-lift cams. It has my new 36mm Mikuni setup that is perfectly suited for this motor. It has some original 648 parts, and alot of NOS parts. It's gonna be a screamer! I am just now putting my Twin-Scout motors back together now, after doing some mods, and clearance changes. It will be a much faster bike this year at the Bonneville "Speed Week" meet. I'll keep you posted. See Ya; Jim Mosher."