Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Sorting out some issues

While I'm waiting for the cylinder heads to come back from the machine shop, i stripped the front end to fit a Hyde forkbrace and a set of progressive springs that have been lying in wait. While it was apart i checked the tubes with a straight edge, LH tube is slightly bent, New set of tubes and seals will get it sorted out!

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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

A bit about my pots

With the the cylinders off the motor i have been able to check them over properly. Front pot is a square based one that has been relined at some point on std 2.875" bore, rear pot is an earlier round base one still on its original bore. The pop up pistons are of unknown origin marked 005 on the tops. The head bolt tappings have all been helicoiled to m12 at some point then the castings have been nickel plated.

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Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Moen at IPE put me on to a company in Somerset, Cox & Turner . I called John Cox yesterday and told him about my ring issues, gave him the sizes and this morning i have a set of quality rings in my hand, one piece oil ring and two compresson rings per piston.

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Monday, 22 August 2011


Lots of emails and phonecalls over the weekend trying to source a set of new pistons and rings for the Scout. Moen at IPE doesnt have any that would suit my motor, but has been very helpfully looking for alternatives. Rocky at Iron Wigwam has big oversize ones of the correct type on his ebay store but is currently at Bonneville with his Dreamcatcher streamlimer, outta town til early September. I have cleaned up the damaged piston with a hand file and polishing mop, it still has some scoring but no raised edges now. In the bore its now .012" clearance on the skirt compared to .006" on the front one. Thinking of refitting them with new rings for now, while i wait for pistons to come from the States.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Stripped to the waist

Managed to haul the Scout into the jewellery workshop at the shop in Achnasheen

I noticed some scuffing to the rear cylinder when I shined a proper light down the bores this morning. Decided to strip off the cylinders and inspect ...... glad I did!

First thing I found was that there were no spreader washers fitted on the base nuts, and they were not very tight

Pistons havent been fitted with proper oil control rings and none of the rings were gapped correctly, the pair in the bottom groove had seized and the piston is very badly scored!

Front piston has some minor scuffing but the same issue with the two rings in place of oil control ring

Friday, 19 August 2011


While i am waiting for the new gaskets to arrive i have got busy with the dremel cleaning up the combustion chambers. The front head was blowing the most and had a lot of carbon build up around the sparkplug area..... The casting in this area was quite rough, possibly been repaired at some point.

After a quick clean up, still to finish off with some fine emery and the polishing mop.

The front head will need lightly skimmed to make sure the mating surface is spot on. The rear one has not had anywhere near as much machining in the past and is 2.5mm thicker meaning the compression ratio on the front pot is considerably higher than the rear! Will have to get the rear head skimmed to match the front and check all the clearances. Also ordered special 4mm thick 25mm od washers to suit the head bolts. The ones i had used are looking a bit mashed!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Heads off

Been trying to work out why the motor has been running rough, it started to need a bit of choke to keep it ticking over and seemed to be fouling the plugs all the time. At first i thought it might be the manifold nipple on the rear pot, they are as tight as they can go... So this morning i whipped the heads off, both James gaskets have blown between the head bolts and the cylinder. New copper gaskets on order!

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Location:Arthurs Terrace,Achnasheen,United Kingdom

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Scraper relief

Think i need to open up the inner web of the crankcase to help side to side oil flow to the sump pick up, theres too much of a lip there to get the oil away efficiently

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