Friday, 19 August 2011


While i am waiting for the new gaskets to arrive i have got busy with the dremel cleaning up the combustion chambers. The front head was blowing the most and had a lot of carbon build up around the sparkplug area..... The casting in this area was quite rough, possibly been repaired at some point.

After a quick clean up, still to finish off with some fine emery and the polishing mop.

The front head will need lightly skimmed to make sure the mating surface is spot on. The rear one has not had anywhere near as much machining in the past and is 2.5mm thicker meaning the compression ratio on the front pot is considerably higher than the rear! Will have to get the rear head skimmed to match the front and check all the clearances. Also ordered special 4mm thick 25mm od washers to suit the head bolts. The ones i had used are looking a bit mashed!

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