Friday, 29 January 2010

Sport Scout SU conversion

I decided ages ago I wanted to use an SU carb on the Sport Scout Stroker. I got an old carb from Chris Ireland and rebuilt it with new parts and fitted a long bellmouth to it, problem cropped up when I fitted the footboards and clutch pedal I found that the bellmouth hit my knee and would make clutch operation a job for a contortionist!
Just found an aesthetic solution with this SU embossed pancake filter from Burlen Fuel Systems

1933 Chief motor arrives at the Speedshop

The '33 Chief motor arrived on wednesday, all crated up in a solid plywood box, opened up the box and pulled out the motor and laid it on a foam cushion to check it over. All looked fine til I turned it over and found that the rear cylinder has broken at the flange due to vibration during transit, this may have been caused by a hairline crack that seems to have been there for some time (judging by the rust on the faces of the break) . This will be welded back together then I will have both cylinders sleeved and bored to suit std pistons.

Wall Bikes

I love the stripped down and built for purpose look of the Wall of Death bikes
found this interesting Blog with some real nice Wall bikes

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

This weeks ebay haul

New in the box Morris magneto for the Junior Stroker, a pair of cams (see post below) Jerry Hatfield Indian resto guide, and one of a pair of 74" Chief flywheels the other one got caught by customs on the way in from the USA and I got hit witha £17.50 charge!!!

Friday, 22 January 2010

Saturday, 16 January 2010


looking for a set of 741B cylinders and cylinder heads must be in serviceable condition not to bothered if they need a rebore so long as theres a bit of meat in the sleeves

Friday, 15 January 2010

Junior Scout Stroker - the leftovers build!

Quite a lot of Scout bits lying around the shed, mainly 741 engine parts, a pair of tanks from Chris Ireland's old Bela a Junior Scout frame from my mate Myles' stash and I have the makings of another Scout. Plan is to use a 4 speed gearbox from a rigid Triumph T100 mated to the Scout motor using a Triplex primary chain driving a T140 clutch basket from a modified Indian front pulley using a T140 crankshaft sprocket

The pitch of the Indian primary train is different from the Triumph one

Some other new arrivals to help the build along, a set of HD WLA flywheels and rods will stroke the motor to 45"

Newly rebuilt oil pump, timing cover, cams and followers

741 transmission internals

Monday, 11 January 2010

648 Big Base Racer

For Sale through Mid America Auctions