Wednesday, 30 March 2011

First Ride

Just back from Richi's workshop where we got the tanks back onto the Sport Scout, rigged up the temp oil lines and a few kicks later had a running motor..... sounds great through the new pipes!
Disengaged the clutch with the new Fossbilt pedal assembly, eased it back into first, hooked the clutch back slowly with my toe until it start...ed to bite, a wee paddle and we're off ........ absolute magic 8o))

Friday, 11 March 2011

Getting there

Stroker Scout coming together now, its been wintering at Richi Foss's workshop getting all the finishing bits and pieces done, exhausts, controls spacers etc etc

. Also getting a bit of a sprirtual lift with this highland  'Spirit Catcher' 8o)

Friday, 4 March 2011

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Naming the beastie

Its a bit of a tradition to name Indian specials with a suitable Indian name. In amongst my friends' and the bikes that I know of we have a Geronimo, a Cochise, a 2face, theres a Running Bare, Blue Smoke. Iknow of at least 3 Pochahontases (should that be Pochahonti???)
I've held off from naming the Stroker Scout until now, mainly because until it was running i thought that would be a  bit premature. I wanted a name that was a bit of a cross over between the native American tradition and also something that reflected the place where the SS was conceived - Achnasheen (from the gaelic achadh na sine Field of Rainstorms) So I was looking for the Souix  word for rain when i foud this fella - Ité Omáǧažu Chief Rain in the Face of the Hunkpapa Souix, he fought against Custer at the Little Big Horn

can't think of a better name for an Indian motocycle running around Strathbran with no front guard!

Vintage Scout Racer pic

Cant remember where I copied and pasted this from!!