Sunday, 2 August 2009

Back in the shed

Up on the bench, I decided to get the tanks mounted closer together, there were a couple of dowels coming out of the RH side of the frame near the headstock getting in the way, must have been to locate the standard tanks. Out with the grinder and they're gone! now the tanks fit together nicely just need a strip of leather or a rubber trim to fill the 1/8th gap.

Having the tanks closer in means the gearchange lever can be closer in on the RH side and I can do away with the spacer I had on that side, still need to make a bush for the frame hole to take out some of the slack though.

Took a trip to the tool store today and treated myself to a set of taps n dies including a few NPT ones so I can resolve some of my oil line plumbing issues.

More soon!