Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Update from Performance Indian

Jim sent a bit more info about the twin engined Bonneville Scout "The Twin-Enginned Stroker Scout will be on the salt next year. We're still running a Norton out this year for the last time. We are at 153 MPH on the Norton, which is really fast for an old Brit bike. Here's a pic of my Twin-Enginned cranks with S&S wheels, and Carrillo rods "

"The Scout Hot Rod project bike is a 45", but with Bonneville pistons, milled, and relieved heads, and my racing lifters, and cams. With dual drag pipes, 12 volt electronic ignition, and the CV carb, it should really go. I just refurbished the top end of Matt Blake's 57"er, and it uses Honda 250 Elsinore pistons from the late 70's. Their standard bore is equivelant to .040" over Scout pistons. You have to cut a relief in the heads a funny way to clear the piston's small dome. Plus they use .750" piston pins! I use custom forged pistons by Aries Pistons (or Venolia), and S&S forged flywheels that use standard Scout pinion pins. I always modify the right case for a '47 Chief oil scraper. You have to modify the scrapers though. My little "Frankenstein" Stroker Scout has alot of head work with 7 7/8:1 compression, and Bonneville lifters with Shunk Daytona racing cams, and it is extremely fast. I can't run pump gas though. I keep some race gas, or av-gas here to add to the premium pump gas, and it is then happy. My cams, and lifters will be available very soon, and I will have 8 seperate grinds to play with. I have a full dyno, and I will test all my cams with my lifters in both my 57" Stroker Scout, and the Hot Rod 45"er that I'm building now, so I should get some interesting data."

Here is a picture of Jim with his little "Frankenstein" Tri/indian Stroker

Friday, 9 July 2010

More from Performance Indian

Jim Mosher is also working on this stunning little Stroker Scout, more detail to follow, thanks for sending all the pics Jim!

Twin engined Nos Scout heading for the salt

Jim Mosher ( ) is building a twin engined stroker scout straightliner to take to Bonneville.With the 1900cc NOS equipped monster will be out to bag the worlds fastest vintage bike record along with numerous class records, can't wait to see the finished machine in action!

Here is the powerplant on the bench