Sunday, 23 May 2010

Sport Scout progress

Yesterday i dropped in to my mate Kevin's bike shop on th eway to work, I was looking for a set of pads for the Brembo caliper going on the back of the Stroker Scout, a pair of pads were sorted out, on the off chance I asked if he knew what size of master cylinder would suit the caliper, he dissapeared back shop and five minutes later appeared with a pedal assembly complete with Nissin cylinder and all the fittings - total bill £25 8-)

Today I pulled the pedal assembly appart and worked out the fixings to put it onto the Scout footboard bracket, only one extra hole to drill and a bush needs made up on the lathe to fit over the hex rod footboard mount for the pedal to pivot on.

I'll need to make up a heat shield to protect the cylinder from the exhaust.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Sorting out the rear frame for the Sport Scout

Ive been looking at the caliper mount on the 741 frame section I have on the Sport Scout, it didnt work out the way I wanted. The 741 rear frame is narrower and I wanted to tuck the Triumph caliper neatly in behind the V of the frame. Today I pulled the Sport Scout rear section i have from under the bench and tried a T140 wheel and caliper for size. Fitted up nicely and the toque arm from my old T140 chop lined up perfectly with the Indian casting provided - bonus!

Thursday, 6 May 2010

For Sale and Wanted

I recently bought a set of primary cases and intermediate gear for my 1933 Chief engoine and transmission, I was assured by the seller that they were the right type for my motor, but when they turned up on this side of the pond I found that I had bought a set of 20's Scout cases (already got a set of those!) So, has anyone got a serviceable set of 1933 Chief primaries and an intermediate gear available?

some useful information provided by Carl-Erik Renquist via the VI
"One of my books says -31 and on Chief got larger engine gear and
requires appropriate cover. -33 got cast in -34 has chain.
You got the larger clutch and If you don't need the -33 cast in generator
drive one or two years only, most likely you could use earlier helical gear
cover. Chief started in -22 I think, Scout started in -28 with the large
cluch. Or use Chief -31 to 33 cover with the larger engine gear. Then you
got a choice of 2 primary gearings. Spin the box faster with the larger gear
or slower with the smaller."

I'm not going to need a generator so I have a couple of options, if I can find a set of cases!

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Ivan's Strokers

Ivan Young from Marseille got in touch via the Chout Breeders blog, he's building a Chout, turns out he's got a bit of a collection of Stroker Scouts too!

The 101 is stroked to approx 900cc using WLA wheels, linkert carb from a WLA with Bonneville Chief venturi

He built his wife this 45" (750cc) 741b bobber using WLA flywheels

and this tidy little Terrot/Indian hybrid which also has a 45" WLA wheeled stroker motor. Terrot main frame Indian 741b rear/lower frame - a French take on an Indian hotrod special!