Sunday, 31 July 2011

Out in the sun

Been doing some oddjobs outside the shop at Achnasheen over the last couple of days, tidying up the plumbing, control cables and touching up the paint on the frame.

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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

More plumbing

Finished off the breather pipework this afternoon with a 1/4" return oil pipe reducing to 1/8" T'ed into the 3/8" open breather on the timing plug hole. This will let excess oil return to the crankcase sump from the Fossbilt baffled breather tank.

Started the motor on the paddock stand and let it warm up, considerably less smoky and no oil coming out of the breather valve ....... more road testing to come.
Next, some alteration to the sump pick up to make sure the pump gets the excess oil away from tbe crank as efficiently as possible and to minimise drain back down the return line.

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Monday, 18 July 2011

Matchimg front

Fitted the 100/90x19 front tonight, LH tank should be back on tomorrow

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Friday, 15 July 2011

18" on the back

After a bit of special wheelbuilding, i managed to build in 35mm of offset using a BSA crinkle hub some special length spokes and a Borrani rim. Fitted a 120 section Pirelli and now ive finally got both wheels properly in line.

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Friday, 8 July 2011

18" for the back

Just finished this un 18" borrani bsa crinkle hub, spaced over 1/2" to suit back of the sport scout, rim straightened and repaired by Richi at Fossfab

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Monday, 4 July 2011

Whatever happened to Junior???

Back at the tail end of last summer, I had started to mock up a "left overs" Scout using my spare 741 motor in a Junior Scout frame with BSA A/B series forks and wheels and an early pre unit Triumph 4 speed transmission. 

As the Sport Scout progressed and the Chout gathering continued I realised that I needed to sell some more parts to get what I needed for the two main projects. A 4 way deal was struck with Grizzy, Shaun, Moen and myself which ended up with me getting a complete Hecker 101 front end for the Chout. Grizzy got two frames, a '24 Raleigh frame for his "Blunderbuss" project (more later),and a swing arm Indian Fire Arrow frame (re badged RE Clipper).Shaun got the Junior frame for his "Cochise" project, along with a selection of BSA wheels and other odds n sods.

Grizzy and Neil drove up from the south back in May and filled "dirty Sharon" (the old veedub) with frames and wheels and headed back down the hillbilly highway...... Grizzy takes up the tale 

"Hi ya Steve ,

your southern correspondent reporting .

I thought you might be interested in the progress of the  valuble ( and rare ) vintage motorcycle parts ( old-crap ! ) I relived you of last May after my fleating visit from the Londons patio  (  Kent ) .

First from the " Highland Hoard  " , the Sir Walter frame ! meet   " Blunderbuss " , as you will appreciate it is  very much in the " Blue Peter " stage ( sticki back plaza an all ! ) but  it looks and will be a  feasible proposition . I shortened the sadle tube by 2.1/2 " and re - brazed the engine lug back on , I lengthened ( slug's ) the rear frame down tubes 2" as well . its exactly what I wanted and  the round tank Bezza fork crown is just purfic 'as well . lots of Re - tubing , and stuff to make but yes mate , should make an old 16H  a whole bag of fun . 

Then all Blunderbuss play stoped as Shaun of the panthers  was booked in to see if all this Junior Scout  stuff was going to be any good for his 741 engine and box . 

Well , some and some is the answer to that , the front frame is as near a 741 as you could wish for and the heads up from yourself that Bezza forkes ( A's n B's )  were a close enough fit and have an uncanny look a like and resemblance to the 50's Indian Warrior and Arrow it makes no difference ! 

I found the easy-est way to fit the fork is turn up bearing cups to fit the Indian frame and the Bezza bearings , as you can see in this first shot the forks are a little " Chopper "ish and need to sit about 2.1/2 " lower , all good so far.
However , the rear frame whatever way you try , will not accept a Scout gearbox , the only way is as you found , use of a brit box would be the only way. SO ! out with Mr Angrygrinder ( 9" ) and cut the hell out of Amerrycan heratage !  ( sorry chaps , friendly fire ! ) . I found some useable sidecar lugs from the " hord " to which I turned down to accept some 1" tube , the lugs were hot rivetted to the rear wheel lugs , the tubes were bent to fit , then the whole lot brazed togeather , the width of the top rails have been made
2" wider . the bottom brace is 1.1/8th tube Its much the same as a stock 741 in style but slightly close-couple it has to compromise the length of the forks .

With the rear like it is putting 741 gas tanks would have made it look even shorter! What was needed is a pair of Junior gas tanks, ( no chance ) so I as I have used a ES2 tank in the past ( Geronimo ) and it don't look too out of place , thats what I tryed on this we beastie, 9" Mr Angry and the tank is now "2 narrower , yes that is gas welded , I also took an inch and a half off the bottom as well . 
Well this is as far as we got and I dont think this 741 stroker would look out of place in a flat-track class " C " race !

the exhaust took a bit of buggering about , front pipe made an inch longer and set upwords to match the rear .

as the ES2 tank , now mutch modified is just gas , I had to make an oil tank much on the line of the Daytona 648 tank .

GT 750 rear wheel with the cush narrowed , YDS Yamaha front onto the Beeza fork with some spindle spacers and buggerin , seat earholes , on the rear frame, gear shifter , yes not a bad stab at it and still a lot to do like foot pegs , controls, kick stand , but I'v handed all over to Shaun , he's got a lot of nutting and bolting before 2nd fix .

Ok mate I'll keep you updated as and when ,

I'm back on DiXiE now making SOME progress so

Be Lucky

Later Grizzy . 
I compressed the forks to about where I think they
should be !
p s - Hangonamo is Geronimo's patient brother !"

Shaun will take up the story on his "In The Shed Speedshop" blog