Friday, 17 August 2012

Mid mounts for the L'il Red Rooster

Being in trackside condition, the Rooster came to me with no brakes and with staggered foitpegs. Not much use on Highland roads, or tracks!

First job was to work out how....

Its already fitted with a pair of super light A&A Racing hubs and rims, the rear has provision for a disk, so to get a UK mot I'll need to rig up two independent means of braking on thd same disk.

For the foot pegs i trimmed the Bates fold up ones off their existing mounts made up some 3/8x1" flat hangers and fitted them over the ends of a 1/2" hex rod fed through the hex hole in the engine plates that usually takes the rear footboard mount... I turned the bar round on the lathe for where it feeds through the primary.

With the clutch pedal refitted i looked to the RHS to suss out a brake pedal and try to hide a master cylinder.

Best place for it is tucked in behind the rear exhaust and mounted to the engine plate (I'll make up a little heat shield to hide and protect it). I turned down the brake side of the hex bar and made a steel sleeve to fit it, cut up an old honda brake pedal ( one that came with the Nissin master cylinder) to use the pivot end on the sleeve. And cut a flat bar to be carved in to a pedal then both can be welded to either end of the sleeve.

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