Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Got my MOT today

All my paperwork in hand, insurance, fresh MOT cert, dating letter from the Indian club, V(whatever) form all filled out and signed and dated, I loaded the Scout back into the trailer and headed round to the LVLO in Inverness. First one there ready for opening at 9am I took my ticket and got called before the stoney faced government official. i presented my paperwork and told her that the bike was outside in the trailer ready for inspection. Her response floored me...... due to changes in policy and budget constraints, the Inverness office no longer has the facility to carry out registration inspections!!!
I would have to leave my paperwork, pay a £55 fee and wait to be contacted before making an appointment when an inspector was available to check the bike over, this may take one month or more depending on the availability of inspectors!
Why does our government insist on making life so fucking complicated???
Useless, timewasting anally retentive twats!

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