Sunday, 23 May 2010

Sport Scout progress

Yesterday i dropped in to my mate Kevin's bike shop on th eway to work, I was looking for a set of pads for the Brembo caliper going on the back of the Stroker Scout, a pair of pads were sorted out, on the off chance I asked if he knew what size of master cylinder would suit the caliper, he dissapeared back shop and five minutes later appeared with a pedal assembly complete with Nissin cylinder and all the fittings - total bill £25 8-)

Today I pulled the pedal assembly appart and worked out the fixings to put it onto the Scout footboard bracket, only one extra hole to drill and a bush needs made up on the lathe to fit over the hex rod footboard mount for the pedal to pivot on.

I'll need to make up a heat shield to protect the cylinder from the exhaust.

1 comment:

  1. very impressed man, you got some cool shit going on, good on you !!