Thursday, 6 May 2010

For Sale and Wanted

I recently bought a set of primary cases and intermediate gear for my 1933 Chief engoine and transmission, I was assured by the seller that they were the right type for my motor, but when they turned up on this side of the pond I found that I had bought a set of 20's Scout cases (already got a set of those!) So, has anyone got a serviceable set of 1933 Chief primaries and an intermediate gear available?

some useful information provided by Carl-Erik Renquist via the VI
"One of my books says -31 and on Chief got larger engine gear and
requires appropriate cover. -33 got cast in -34 has chain.
You got the larger clutch and If you don't need the -33 cast in generator
drive one or two years only, most likely you could use earlier helical gear
cover. Chief started in -22 I think, Scout started in -28 with the large
cluch. Or use Chief -31 to 33 cover with the larger engine gear. Then you
got a choice of 2 primary gearings. Spin the box faster with the larger gear
or slower with the smaller."

I'm not going to need a generator so I have a couple of options, if I can find a set of cases!

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