Thursday, 11 February 2010

Scout frame headstock ????

I recently bought a frame headstock casting (on ebay) the seller had it listed as a Scout neck, year unknown. This morning I took some comparison pictures with a badly hacked about 741 frame and a Junior Scout frame - not so sure its Indian? Anyone know what its from?

Steve from The Stockers has just got in touch, turns out its a late 50's Triumph frame neck, cheers Steve

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  1. Hy ,
    nice blog !
    i also own two 741's that i want to restore , one racer and one original ...
    My original frame is missing one casted part ( the frame part under the seat ....

    Do you have any ideea where i can find that part
    I have place to cast good steel castings but do not have that part in any condition ....

    I would also trade a frameneck with you for that part ...

    any ideea ?